The country belongs to all of us

Our people are always called upon to celebrate Namibian independence. I really don't understand why people should celebrate, because serious challenges remain, almost 27 years after our independence was attained.

Unemployment, especially among the youth, remains high. We have situations where jobs are given to foreigners at the expense of Namibian people. Foreigners also own massive land in the country at the expense of citizens.

Namibian resources must benefit Namibians first.

The government leaders must move around the country to meet people and hear their problems.

Such problems must be attended to and not dumped in boxes to pick up dust. Namibians cannot just be used for votes.

Even in parliament, there are a lot of lies being peddled around. Politicians take care of each other and fast-track any discussion that benefits them. When it's about others, they take their time to respond.

Yes, government belongs to all of us. The future belongs to the youth. No Namibian should suffer or go hungry.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia