Director: Christian Vuissa
Screenplay: Christian Vuissa
Players: Aley Underwood; Bernie Diamond; Pam Eichner; Kylee Thurman; Stella McComas
Genre: drama; teenage rite of passage
Rating: ***‘

The Letter Writer’ is a low-budget, independent film , in many ways a small film, dealing with the rite of passage of heroine, Maggy (Underwood) from being a thoroughly young ‘Modern Miss’ in an immoral world to finding her true course and life’s purpose. If such an idea sounds prissy, then in some parts of the film the overt morality of the story and message is indeed rather overwhelming.  For the most part, however, despite stiff and ‘clunky’ acting from many of the principals, the film offers a heart-warming and emotionally-uplifting story where good triumphs in an entirely palatable and convincing way.