The lighting rosy star

She recently returned from Texas, San Antonio City in the United States of America (USA) where she performed her hot two singles of I Miss You and Bring Back My Heart, among others.

And now she says she is readier and optimistic to give her musical career a kick in the pants. Although the new kid on the block is not widely known yet, with her strong vocal abilities and smooth voice, she is definitely the new soulful singer to watch out for in the music scene. Her music is fascinating as she is the singer that demands ones attention with her experimental productions and honest lyrics, both in English and her vernacular, Oshiwambo.

Growing up as Rosalia Shikulo, now Miss Rose, she always loved singing and was involved in different church and school choirs. From a very young age, I felt like music was the best way to express my feelings, says she adding that music also calmed her and it has always been her source of strength whenever she felt weak. As a child, I was so inspired by the likes of Celine Dion and Alicia Keys. Although I have always known that music is what I wanted to do, as I grew, somewhere along the way, I got scared of everything that came with being in the music scene, but then I realised that you only get one chance to live and I would rather live it doing what makes me happy, explains Miss Rose.

Apart from being in different choirs, Miss Rose was also involved in an all-girl acapella group, Jewels, for a few years. After parting ways her hunger for music grew stronger, and finally decided to go into a studio to record her very first single, I Miss You, released end of 2016. And this year she released her brand new single, Bring Back My Heart, complimented by a video title

She have also thus far recorded up to twelve songs. My two singles; I Miss You and Bring Back My Heart are kind of related to each other. I Miss You is simply talking about how a young girl misses a certain guy and she simply can't get over him, while Bring Back my Heart is about a heart broken girl, who feels one of the guy she was dating went with her heart, says Miss Rose, adding that her new single is simply trying to tell the guy to at least bring back her heart that she moves on.

People say the kind of music I do fits very well for corporate events and soulful functions, maybe that explains why most of the functions where I have performed are private functions such as weddings. She has also performed at events such as the Miss International University of Management (IUM) in Walvis Bay, at hotels such as the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) Hotel School, Hilton Hotel and Avani Hotel. It was a great experience plus the crowd was great, says she about her performance in the USA last month.

And this one of her biggest achievements so far, but her experience later. I am more of an RnB and Afro-soul singer, but I don't really like calling myself as a singer of this two genres because it feels so limiting; it feels like I am being forced into a little box. Why should I be limited to one or two genres when I can do many?, asks Miss Rose. She is confident her first album later this year will be the album of the year. Apart from my album, I just hope I can work with fellow Namibian artists, and hopefully get a lot of gigs so that finally everyone can get a chance to know what I am capable of.

For now, Miss Rose is busy promoting her new video, Bring Back My Heart, which is currently attracting more viewers on YouTube, and currently stands at 1,150 viewers. The video is shot and directed by David Grand.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia