Third Employment Services Board inaugurated

The third Employment Services Board was inaugurated by Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Utoni Nujoma on Thursday.

The duty of the board, appointed for a three-year period, is to deal with and resolve labour issues.

The 14-member Employment Services Board is headed by Andrew Ndishishi as chairperson and amongst others has representatives from the State, trade unions and employers.

Nujoma urged the board members to find workable solutions to the economic problems Namibia is facing and to facilitate the redeployment of workers who lost their jobs as a results of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said that as an organ of State, the board members are expected to achieve set goals.

“Your attention is drawn to a plan of action with clear outputs and achievable targets that need to be crafted and realised during your tenure of office. I am informed that most of the activities on the plan of action for the previous board were not executed by the time their term expired,” the minister said.

Nujoma said activities such as the amendment of the Employment Service Act No. 08 of 2011 have been ongoing for a period of four years, from the tenure of the first Employment Services Board.

“I am urging for a speedy process of amending the Employment Service Act. We also had a discussion on the issuing of work permits, as well as the reduction of the threshold of employers reporting vacancies, from 25 to 10 employees,” the minister stated.

He added that such activities should receive priority because the reduction in the threshold will help capture the informal economy operators and will result in the increase of employers registered on the Namibia Integrated Employment Information System (NIEIS), which will lead to an increase in notifications for vacancies, as well as increase in the placement of job seekers.

“The implementation of the Employment Services Act is paramount to the functioning of public employment services. Your mandate is to ensure the integration of this Act into national developmental agendas. In order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of public employment services, I urge you to go all out to create awareness of the Employment Services Act and the NIEIS within your constituencies,” said Nujoma.

He also stated that Article 10 of the Employment Service Convention calls for the National Employment Service and other public bodies to cooperate with employers and workers’ organisations in taking measures to encourage full use of employment services facilities as an integral part of the national programme for the achievement and maintenance of full employment.

Source: Namibia Press Agency