Tjongarero honours Western Suburbs Rugby Club

Western Suburbs Rugby Club was honoured by the Deputy Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service, Agnes Tjongarero, as one of the oldest rugby club during its 40th anniversary on Saturday.

During her keynote address at the anniversary ceremony, Tjongarero commended the rugby club for its contribution to rugby in Namibia before and after independence.

The club produced a great number of good rugby players, who represent the South West Rugby Union as well as Namibia National Rugby Union (NANRU) respectively, prior to independence and the national team after independence, Tjongarero said.

The Deputy Minister recalled the start of the rugby team in 1979 when seven rugby clubs in Khomasdal joined forces to create Western Suburbs Rugby Club with different sport codes namely netball, football, softball, cricket, angling and wrestling however, today only rugby still stands.

The seven teams were the Villagers, Viscounts, Flying Eagles, Torinis and Swans rugby clubs.

Tjongarero also called upon former rugby players to plough back into the game as well as urged the rugby club to include more sports codes like it did when it was first formed in 1979 to bring more of the young ones back to the sports fields.

My Ministry wished to encourage Western Suburbs to start all over again by bringing the youth to the sports fields so that all our sports codes truly reflect the demography of our country, Tjongarero said.

Amongst those honoured and recognised for their efforts as rugby players were former assistant coach of Namibia's Welwitschias and coach of the Western Suburbs rugby team, Walter Don; Johan Diergaardt, the head coach of The University of Namibia (UNAM) Rugby Club and the national Under-20 (U20) rugby team; as well as President of the Namibia Rugby Union, Corrie Mensah.