To build BRICS without straw

The 5th annual BRICS Summit taking place in Durban on 26 and 27 March is closely being monitored by various analysts across the globe.
“If we take into account the importance of the agricultural sector in all of the BRICS countries, there does not seem to be a clear plan to tackle the shorter term challenges of rising input costs, the major contributing factor to current high levels of food inflation. Initiatives focused on small-holder farmers, a sector particularly vulnerable to high input costs, also seemed to be focused more on the medium to long term.”said Lullu Krugel ahead of this year’s BRICS summit.
At the previous BRICS summit, trade ministers from the BRICS nations made it clear that their view was that protectionist strategies in the agricultural sector by rich countries was undermining food security. However the focus of BRICS nations on food security has a long history and from the very first BRIC summit in 2009, BRIC countries have made pronouncements on food security.
“In 2010, the Moscow Declaration was accepted by BRIC countries (before SA joined).