Transnamib Employees to Strike

THE Namibia Transport and Allied Workers Union (Natau) has given TransNamib 48 hours to meet their demands of a wage increase, housing and medical aid or its members will go on a strike.

Natau deputy general secretary Likius Vilho could not disclose how much the workers are demanding, saying they are not at liberty to make their demand public because they did not get a counter offer from TransNamib.

TransNamib senior shop steward Albertus Andreas Monde said stakeholders’ intervention is urgently requested in order to prevent social unrest and promote peace.

Monde said they submitted the proposal on salaries and other improvements on conditions of employment for the 20142015 financial year on 28 February 2014, when TransNamib agreed to meet with the union from 23-27 June 2014 and again from 14-15 July 2014 for the purpose of negotiations in line with the existing Recognition Agreement.

During all these engagements, he said it became clear that TransNamib was not willing to negotiate in good faith, neither did the company consider the workers’ demands as a serious matter.

“It further became evident that TransNamib did not recognise the importance of its human resources, hence the inability to address the workers’ demands adequately.”

Monde said workers owe themselves a duty to fight for a living wage which is guaranteed in the Constitution and Labour Act.

He also said TransNamib proposed that Natau defer all its subject negotiations as the company is not in position to improve the employees’ living conditions this financial year as the company is literally “living from hand to mouth”

“We request TransNamib and its stakeholders to give us a reasonable salary increase within 48 hours starting from now, (yesterday) and if not, a strike is unavoidable,” Monde said.

Vilho said the company offered 0%. “No counter-proposal has been offered to us from TransNamib.”

Vilho alluded to Monde that consultations have been made, but they have not yield any positive results.

He said this is despite the fact that they made an effort to consult the company before the end of the previous financial year in the hope of allowing the company to budget for its employees in the following year.

Questions sent to TransNamib spokesperson Ailly Hangula-Paulino were not responded to by the time of going to press.

Source : The Namibian