Transnamib Suspends Entire Debtors Staff

TRANSNAMIB suspended the entire staff in the debtors department last week after more than N$300 000 went missing from the company.

The manager for safety, Jakes Mbandi, confirmed the suspensions.

“I am not sure whether it is five or six people but yes, they were suspended. The head of finance will be able to give you more details,” Mbandi said on Thursday.

TransNamib chief executive officer Sara Naanda could neither confirm nor deny the suspensions but requested that The Namibian emails her questions pertaining to the issue.

According to sources, all the people in the debtors department except the accountant were suspended.

The sources further said a woman (name supplied), who worked in the department, is suspected to have been responsible for the disappearance of the money.

“She was working on the Edgars Namibia account. Instead of depositing the money into the company’s account, she allegedly deposited it in her own account. She used colleagues passwords to process invoices and payments. When the fraud was discovered, she had already resigned. TransNamib had no choice but to suspend the whole department,” the source said.

The six people were interrogated by the company’s investigator last week.

Some of the suspended workers said they feel betrayed by TransNamib.

“Some of us have been working there for a long time and for them to just suspend us like that is a sign that what we have been doing all these years means nothing to them. What happened to the trust we have built with the company? They know who took the money, why suspend us? This just shows how little we mean to the company,” complained one suspended employee.

The investigator and the department of finance declined to comment.

Source : The Namibian