Treat all Namibian youths equally – UDF

The secretary general of the United Democratic Front (UDF), Hage Gawaseb, says the government must not treat 'struggle kids' as special and instead see all Namibian youths as equal.

In a telephonic interview with New Era on Wednesday, Gawaseb said: If a person is employed on their qualifications it's fair but asking for special treatment is a concern.

Gawaseb said both the 'struggle kids'' parents and the parents of youth born within the country are Namibians and employment opportunities should be given to all youth.

People who were in the country were also denied opportunities but they don't say we were assaulted with sjamboks, teargased or shot, and that we also need special treatment, he stated.

He said all the children who were inside Namibia and lost their parents were also robbed of opportunities and parental care.

Gawaseb added that the government must not only look for solutions for the 'struggle kids' but rather all Namibian youths, as looking for a solution for a certain group of youths would prove problematic.

Thousands of 'struggle kids' have been given training or employment opportunities by the government through the years.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia