Trekkopje Road At Arandis Opened

A 28-KILOMETRE gravel link road from Trekkopje Mine to Arandis railway was inaugurated recently.

Arandis Mayor Daniel Muhuura applauded Areva Namibia during the opening, saying “this event underpins the development commitment from Areva Namibia with the Arandis Town Council and the communities that are beneficiaries of this road. Areva Namibia has been a serious development partner and has contributed immensely to the socio-economic transformation of our town through the partnership that we have shared over the years.”

“Our most valuable asset – employees – will benefit now by a safer and shorter travelling time,” said Hilifa Mbako, managing director of Areva Namibia at the launch. “In comparison, this road was cost-effective and done in record time the first road running through the central business area of Arandis, benefitting the local community,” he said.

Muhuura underlined the importance of this link as “a major investment that will not only benefit the mine, but also the overall road users in terms of less traffic on the B2 road. Industrial development must cater for sustainable development and we need to make sure that we put safety measures in place to enable us to strike a fair balance in maintaining our production, our workforce and our nation in a much safer environment.”

Areva’s engineering team formed a joint venture with the onsite road maintenance contractor HH Schultz to construct the road.

Source : The Namibian