Tremor recorded north of Kamanjab

Ministry of Mines and Energy has confirmed that an earthquake was recorded approximately 23 kilometers north of Kamanjab at 06: 47 on Wednesday.

The event was recorded on five seismic stations of Namibia Seismology Network namely Windhoek, Kamanjab, Opuwo, Gobabis, and Karibib a media statement availed to Nampa by the MME reads.

The earth tremor registered a preliminary local magnitude (ML) PF 3.9 as recorded by the Namibia Seismological Network at latitude (Y): -19.431 south, longitude (X): 14.896 East. The earthquake was shallow at a depth of less than 10 km, the statement reads.

The ministry advises people that find themselves in the area to take precaution measures in case another tremor is felt.

If you find yourself indoors, try going outside safely when possible, otherwise stand near door frames or find refuge under the table. If you are outdoors, find a clear spot well clear of buildings, trees, and power lines. Stay away from windows and watch out for falling objects, said the ministry.

Source: Namibia Press Agency