Truck driver dies in chain collision

A 46-year-old man died on the spot after the truck he was driving collided in a chain-collision involving two trucks and sedan vehicles on the Trans Kalahari high way/ B8 on Monday.

A report issued by The Namibian Police Force on Tuesday said the emergency services were allegedly on the road to remove debris and wreckage out of the road caused by the first accident and as a result all traffic coming from eastern and western directions came to a stand still.

In the process other truck drivers who were not aware and did not realize that there were stationary trucks infront of them drove into the trucks before them, causing a chain of collision and damage to other trucks and vehicles which were stationary.

According to the report, the accident occurred about 5 kilometres east of the Kappsfarm road block around 19h30.

In total, seven vehicles were involved and damaged in the collision.

The deceased's next of kin have not been informed.

The remaining victims did not sustain any injuries and police investigations continue.

Source: Namibia Press Agency