Truth shall set you free

Surely, it cannot be business as usual for football bosses who should be solely held accountable for the mess and shenanigans which have engulfed Namibian football over the last few months or so.

The dragged issue of the validity of the Namibia Football Association's (NFA) Secretary General (SG) Barry Rukoro's employment contract has certainly opened a can of worms within the administration of Namibian football, so to speak.

Yours truly has it on good authority that some members on the NFA Executive forced president Frans Mbidi's hand � over the amateurish manner in which he handled his previously right-hand man's mooted exit from Football House. It takes a man of genuine integrity to say I'm sorry, and in this case Mbidi is not alone in this corner.

His henchmen are equally guilty of raping the constitution that guides their togetherness by trying to impose a motion of no confidence in their president without following the prescribed procedures.

As it stands, they can't oblige the streetwise NFA honcho to acknowledge his error in judgement with the manner he handled the SG's exit since they are also swimming in the same pond.

The announcement that Rukoro's already expired employment contract will be discussed at another meeting is just another cock and bull story.

Caster a victim of colour

Yours truly has been following with interest or rather disgust suggestions by the IAAF to amend laws aimed at hampering South African middle distance runner Caster Semenya.

The IAAF confirmed a new hyperandrogenism rule last week that could potentially prevent the muscular Semenya from competing in 800m and 1500m races.

The new regulations lay down a series of criteria for athletes with a Difference of Sexual Development (DSD) to be eligible to compete internationally, under the following stipulations: Athletes must be recognised at law either as female or as inter-sex (or equivalent); must reduce her blood testosterone level to below five (5) nmol/L for a continuous period of at least six months (e.g. by use of hormonal contraceptives); thereafter she must maintain her blood testosterone level below five (5) nmol/L continuously.

This latest shenanigans have prompted Semenya, a double Olympic and triple world champion over 800m who has completed the 800m-1500m double at the Commonwealth Games this month, to respond to the new rules on Twitter: I am 97 percent sure you don't like me but I'm 100 percent sure I don't care.

Athletics authorities have struggled to find a solution to the issue respecting the rights of Semenya while providing what they say is a level playing field.

Her aggrieved competitors believe she has an unfair advantage because of the high levels of naturally occurring testosterone in her body. But, under the new rules Semenya will either have to take prescribed medication to compete at her event or move to longer-distance running.

This is absolute hogwash because one can smell an element of blatant systematic racism and just before you crucify me, let me quickly take you, my dear readers, down memory lane.

Back in the day, the world had this muscular female tennis player going by the name of Martina Navratilova. She dominated women's tennis with brutal force until the arrival of fairly unknown darkie lasses from the United States (USA) in the shape of the devastating Williams sisters Venus and Serena.

The two sisters are like manna from heaven as they changed the landscape in women's tennis bringing to a premature end Navratilova's dominance in world tennis � much to the annoyance of tennis bosses.

The white-owned media houses stared labelling the athletically built Williams sisters all sorts of names, comparing their muscular frames to their male counterparts.

This ugly unfolding saga has nothing to do with the misplaced interpretation of scientific principles, and neither does yours truly dispute the relationship between hormones and testosterone.

The bone of contention here is the deliberate abuse of science to justify their sickening prejudices against darkies. I rest my case.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia