TSES Uses Fire Vehicle to Collect Refuse

TSES village residents have expressed concern over what they termed “poor use of council property”.

According to the residents, council uses its fire vehicle to collect refuse and toilet buckets in the residential area on a weekly basis.

“The fire truck is supposed to remain parked, and should not leave the council premises for anything other than an emergency,” a resident, who refused to be named, fumed.

The resident aised council to rather source out the refuse and sewage removal service instead of misusing the ratepayers -funded fire equipment.

“We (residents) urged the line ministry (regional and local government ministry) and the regional council to look into this matter,” the resident said.

The council’s chief executive officer, Ivan Vries, yesterday admitted that the fire vehicle has been used, since 14 June, for the removal of refuse and used toilet buckets.

This, Vries added, was prompted by the breakdown of the the council’s bakkie.

“We know that (waste removal) is not the purpose of the fire vehicle. But, we have no other option since our council bakkie is at the garage to be fixed,” said Vries.

Vries revealed that council recently put out a waste refuse removal tender. The tender could however not to be awarded since the bidders’ tender amounts were “much higher” than what the council had budgeted for.

“The tender amounts were unaffordable,” Vries remarked, adding that council would soon put out another refuse removal tender.

Source : The Namibian