Tuku tribute show leaves fans tranced

WINDHOEK-Have you ever been at an event and immediately get carried into another dimension, to a totally different world? That's the vibe one could feel at the tribute concert for late Zimbabwean but international artist, Oliver Mtukudzi, famously known as ''Tuku'' last Friday at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek.

Packed to capacity with more than 400 music lovers, those who attended could not but relate to the atmosphere engulfing the evening. Credit to Elemotho, Jackson Wahengo, Saskia Sheehama and Slickartie, the main acts on the night for ensuring nostalgic Tuku's fans could pay him befitting tribute all night long. The show roughly started before 21:00 while it was slated for 20:00, African time prevailed as usual but the results were worth the wait.

The crowd bellowed out Tuku's songs from first verse to last, their mobile phones at hand documenting the memorable event. It was more like serenating, declaring it to the one you love, pouring your heart out. That's what it felt like hearing fellow event attenders singing. The four-hour event offered the best of Tuku's songs including Rurimi, Raki, Mbabvu yangu, Murisizo, Neria, and the popular Todi and many more in near perfect rendition by the local artists

The late Tuku died on January 23 after suffering from heart failure related to diabetes, said Damon Forbes, a record executive and promoter who had worked with Tuku for more than 20 years.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia