Twinning agreement needs work: Kasete

//Kharas Regional Council's Chief Regional Officer (CRO), BeatusKasete said the economic stream under the twinning agreement between the KRC and the Northern Cape Province needs more work bring forth fruits to the people on the ground.

The twinning agreement between KRC and the Northern Cape Provincial Government of the Republic of South Africa was signed on 14 September 1999, to look at economic development opportunities, safety and security and improve education and culture tolerance.

There are three streams under the twinning agreement which is Social stream, local governance and the economic stream.

We must work so that we bring economic development to the people of the two regions because that is the reason of this agreement, currently the other streams are very active but this stream is inactive and we need work hard, said Kasete.

The CRO who was speaking at the Economic stream workshop here on Wednesday urged those at the meeting to work very hard and closely to identify tangible projects that will benefit the inhabitants of the //Kharas region and the Northern Cape Province.

Also speaking was the Director of Tourism Growth in the Department of Economic Development and Tourism in the Northern Cape Province, SiphoMampe who agreed that indeed the economic stream is not active as all the other streams as there are not results on the action plans taken on projects.

We travel from far just to come here to hear that there is no available information on the projects proposed, your region is having an expo in September this year but there is no information provided to us, how do you want us to support you, questioned Mampe.

Mampe proposed that meeting should be held frequently from the Namibia side for information to be shared on the progress of the projects than just waiting for one meeting where the two regions meet.

The two-day economic stream workshop brings the two regions together to update possible stakeholders on development affairs between the two counterparts.

Source: Namibia Press Agency