Two die after failed attempt to embark journey on foot

A ten-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl were found dead near Tses in the ||Kharas Region after they went missing with three other people.

Namibian Police Detective Chief Inspector, Jesaias Higoam told Nampa on Saturday that the ten-year-old boy, Laurintius Tobias was found on Saturday morning while the five-year-old girl, Lentina Kooper was found on Thursday around 15h00.

Higoam said the two children were accompany by a 15-year-old girl, a 13-year-old boy and a 50-year-old woman when they embark on a trip from Tses to farm Grysholde which is 40 Kilometres North East of Tses on 31 December 2019.

'When the family realised that the people did not arrive at the farm on the eveing of 01 January they informed the local police and the following day the police, special reserve force, the village council and the community started the search in the direction the people went,' he said.

He added that the 50-year-old woman was the first to be found close to 30 kilometers near Tses and was exhausted and she was taken to the Tses clinic were she was later transfer to the Keetmanshoop Sate Hospital.

'On the Thursday the three children were found together under a tree including the five-year-old that was found dead the other two kids were also taken to the Keetmanshoop State Hospital, the search continue on Friday and on Saturday morning the body of the ten-year-old was found decomposed,' said Higoam.

The Chief Inspector said the two children who were taken to the Hospital were on Friday discharged while the 50-years-old woman was still in the Hospital.

Higoam said the police suspect that the children died because of thirstiness and the heat.

The family of the deceased has been informed and police investigations continue.

Source: Namibia Press Agency