Two more Chinese caught with rhino horns

Windhoek � Two more Chinese nationals were arrested on Thursday night for possession of rhino horns.

According to Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi of the Namibian police, the two Chinese nationals were arrested at around 22h00 on Thursday at Berghoff Flats in Eros, Windhoek, after a joint operation by the Namibian police and Windhoek City police.

She said the operation was launched after an intelligence-led investigation.

The police found two rhino horns and a shotgun in the possession of the suspects, who may not be named until they appear in court. The value of the horns has not yet been specified.

The two suspects are expected to appear in Windhoek Magistrate's Court today on charges of possession of endangered wildlife products.

In recent months a number of Chinese nationals have been arrested for rhino horn smuggling, with four sentenced to jail terms of 14 years each.

The Chinese Embassy in Windhoek has in recent weeks condemned in the strongest terms the actions of Chinese nationals involved in smuggling endangered Namibian wildlife, but it seems the highly lucrative returns of the offence is enticing, as it shows no signs of slowing down.

Newborn found.

In an unrelated offence, a newborn baby was found in a plastic bag alongside a road under a tree in Arandis at about 06h20 on January 22. It was reported that a passerby heard the baby cry and then alerted the police.

The baby found in the plastic bag was taken to Arandis Clinic for medical examination, whereafter it was reported to be in good health.

A suspect was arrested, but was admitted to Swakopmund State Hospital and will be charged with child abandonment and neglect once she is released from hospital.

Hippo attack

The police at Ndiyona in the Kavango East Region opened an inquest after two Angolan women, who were crossing the Kavango River in a canoe at Mabushe Village on their way back to Namibia, were attacked by a hippopotamus at around 19h23 on Friday evening.

The canoe capsized and the women managed to swim to the river bank, but their babies reportedly drowned, the police report states. The body of an eight-month-old infant was later recovered, but the police are still searching for the four-month-old baby.

Unnatural deaths.

In Divundu, Kavango, the body of 22-year-old Kanyetu Thimbara was found at around 19h00 on Saturday evening hanging from a piece of linen tied to a tree. No suicide note was left.

An inquest was launched at Kangongo Village in the Mukwe District after human remains and pieces of clothing were found in the bush. The remains and clothing were positively identified by family members as that of Samake Maria Rungoro, born on December, 06, 1919. She was a resident of Mukongotji Village and had been missing since December 2016.

A case of unnatural death is being investigated by the Okatope police in the Oshikoto Region after 24-year-old Joseph Reinhold bled to death after being cut with a piece of corrugated iron while trying to unlock his door.

It is alleged the deceased after returning from the cucashops intoxicated tried to open the door to his shack and was cut by the corrugated iron. His body was discovered by his grandmother on Sunday morning at around 01h30 at Onyati B Village in the Onankali area.

The police at Onayena have opened an inquest docket after 60-year-old Julia Matheus was found hanging from the roof of her room by her granddaughter at Onjumba Village in the Ontananga Area. No suicide note was left behind.

The police at Ongwediva opened an inquest docket after the body of 89 year old Nuulimba Lukas was found lying in a water pond at Elombe Village in the Oshana Region.

A resident of Mix Settlement was hit and killed by a VW Vivo on the main road between Windhoek and Okahandja. It is alleged that Johnny Haukandjo was crossing the road at around 21h00 on Saturday evening when the accident occurred.

A case of culpable homicide, alternatively reckless and negligent driving, was opened against the driver.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia