Two sisters and alleged killer buried together

The man who allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend and a sister on 20 September 2019 were both buried at Oshaango cemeteries on Saturday.

A senior family member to the two deceased women Joseph Nekaya confirmed to Nampa on Tuesday on a telephonic interview saying the two families discussed and agreed to jointly hold both memorial and burial services for the three deceased members at Oshaango Lutheran cemetery.

Nekaya, an uncle to the two women told this News Agency the two families took an unusual decision to come together and discuss funeral arrangements.

We sat together as two families in order to give a decent funeral to the three deceased since we felt there was nobody to blame as all three are no more there, he said.

Meanwhile, Nekaya said it is a great loss for the family to lose two people at once especially the mother of the two deceased women.

If I put myself in the shoes of the bereaved mother of the two daughters, who were brutally killed, it is a great loss because they were the only one helping at home including cooking, preparing the mahangu field and taking care of their mother. I think it will take some time for her to settle with the dilemma she is faced with, he explained.

He added that the mother of the deceased is now left with her three under age siblings which becomes a hard responsibility for her to adapt to.

Nekaya said he appreciated the family of the man who committed the evil acts saying, the family is faced with a severe damage since they are mourning the death of the man who killed and subsequently committed suicide.

He pointed out that it is plausible for the two families' understanding and the way they behaved during such testing times.

The man allegedly attacked his former girlfriend, with whom he has two children, chopped her with a panga several times and did the same to the deceased's sister before hanging himself.

The deceased sisters are Ndamononghenda Tateoshoati Nafuka, 23, and 32-year-old Martha Nafuka, all from Oshaango village, while the deceased suspect was identified as Samuel Venondubo Enghono from Onandete village, also in the Oshaango area.

Source: Namibia Press Agency