Ua-Ndjarakana urges corporates to support film industry

The Ministry of Information Communication and Technology Executive Director and Accounting Officer, Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana urged the corporate sector in Namibia to make generous contributions to the country's film industry.

Speaking to this agency in an interview at the 2019 Namibian Threatre and Film Awards (NTFA) held here on Saturday, Ua-Ndjarakana noted that if more resources are made available to filmmakers to create a variety of films from all sectors of life, the industry (film) will see positive growth.

'We talk of Namibia being rich in natural resources and one of the resources is the art of acting by depicting the flora, fauna, contrasting beauty, culture, tradition and the temperament of the Namibian people.

These works (creative art) help by making the outside world envy Namibia and have a quest to visit our country, artists help us to share Namibia with the outside world,' explained Ua-Ndjarakana.

He added that for the countries and people who aided Namibia during the liberation struggle who are not able to visit Namibia they are able to do so through films and artwork produced in Namibia.

'By that, it also aids to direct tourists to come to Namibia through the images and sceneries that are depicted in films particularly film casted locally ' said Executive Director.

Ua-Ndjarakana further noted that the creative industry also positively contributes to the country's GDP, he could however not provide the exact figures of the contribution.

He stated that the creative industry assists to alleviate unemployment, poverty, disharmony and loneliness.

Ua-Ndjarakana also noted that the ministry supports the creative industry by ensuring there are conducive legal frameworks in place that allows for foreign investment into the sector.

He encouraged the public to watch locally produced films.

Source: Namibia Press Agency