Understanding Weather – not predicting – 10 May 2013

What happened?
With the gradual transition from autumn to winter in the southern hemisphere, a more typcial (expected) weather pattern is slowly taking hold.
Whereas the synoptic patterns of the past two months were more reminiscent of winter than of summer, the synoptics are now settling into a typical early winter pattern. This presented itself last weekend when the first true vestiges of the approaching winter were heralded by a fresh south-easterly that gradually backed to an easterly wind during the course of the weekend but eventually subsiding to a steady north-easterly airflow.
As the wind direction swung around, oosweer again became a prominent feature of the coastline north of Swakopmund, but this also dissipated during the course of the week, with conditions returning to an early winter pattern. On Sunday and Monday, day temperatures exceeded 30oC in along the coastal plains north of the Ugab River returning to normal by Tuesday. The night temperatures over the inland plateau remained above 10oC from Monday to Thursday with day temperatures hovering somewhere between 24 degrees and 28 degrees. All in all a fairly normal situation for autumn.