Universities must become places of innovation and creativity: Alweendo

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo said Universities should be turned into places of innovation and creativity.

Alweendo said this at the University of Namibia (UNAM) faculty of economic and management science conference here on Thursday.

The conference which started on Thursday and ends Friday is being held under the theme 'Applied research solutions for economic resuscitation'.

We need to convert our universities into engine rooms where courageous men and women dare to dream. It takes courage to disrupt what has become the norm but we have to do it because it is the only way we can continue to be relevant otherwise we will perish as a nation, Alweendo said.

He added the only thing that will ensure that country remain an important part of the global community is when it embrace innovation and creativity and it is where institutions of higher learning come in.

The minister pointed out that the conference is a good initiative that is aim to find solution to the economic situation the country is faced with.

He said it is a fact that over the last three years the country's economy has not been doing well, with its growth being slow causing a number of people to lose their jobs creating hardship for many families.

Government was compelled to cut down on its expenditure and too much pressure might have been exerted on public service delivery, the private sector fearing what might happen in the immediate future has decrease its investment, said Alweendo.

He went on to say that all these issues have started to create an environment where some are becoming hopeless and are starting to doubt their ability to manage the economic difficulties the country is experiencing.

Alweendo further said for the country to address the economic issue focus should be put on finding solutions and not on the problem itself adding that venturing into unexploded avenues and doing things that has not be done is essential.

Despite the current tough economic conditions I believe that we have what it takes to turn the tide If we realise that what gave us the social-economic successes we experienced in the past will not necessarily give us what is now needed to succeed. We have to decide to leave behind what does not serve us anymore, he cited.

Source: Namibia Press Agency