Use social media to talk about change”: Nambelela

MARIENTAL: Young people in southern Namibia were reminded on Saturday to start defending the principles on which Namibia’s dream of freedom was built.

Speaking at the opposition Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP)’s Hardap regional conference held at Mariental, the Secretary-General (SG) of the party’s youth wing Monica Nambelela said these principles were built on the desire to create value for all Namibians to enjoy.
“The South is characterised as one of the richest regions in Namibia and a great contributor to the national coffers, yet its people are among the poorest,” the fired-up youth leader said.

Reminding the young people of the history of their region, she said southern Namibia is the birthplace of the resistance, adding that when national heroes such as the late Captain Hendrik Witbooi are talked about, people talk about the long journey to independence and about a revolution which started in the South and spread to other corners of the country.

Young people should thus remember that the authority a government has comes with permission from the people, of which the youth form the biggest part.

“But by being passive, we are collectively saying that it is fine that public funds are being committed to ensure that a tiny group of elite, their families and friends are becoming richer, whilst our communities are becoming poorer,” Nambelela noted.

She added that by being passive, the youth are standing by and saying it is fine that town councils have their water disconnected because there is no money to subsidise basic services for the poor, and yet the country can subsidise a group of young people from one political party to fly to South America at a cost of N.dollars 11,5 million, and have the taxpayer pay this bill.

Last year, a delegation consisting of members of the Swapo-Party Youth League (SPYL), the National Youth Council (NYC) and officials from the Youth ministry were invited to attend the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students in Ecuador.

Allegations emerged that money was taken from the Namibia Credit Youth Scheme – against the wishes of some top Government officials – to fund the trip.

The RDP Youth League leader furthermore lashed out against the Swapo-led government’s plans to build a N.dollars 700 million Parliament building, while young graduates can no longer afford to buy houses.
“Striking teachers demanding better salaries were told there is no money, and yet out of nowhere there is N.dollars 700 million available to build a new Parliament,” she stated.

She then encouraged the youth to use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to talk openly about their desire for change.
Applauding the RDP Youth League SG after her message to the youth, RDP president Hidipo Hamutenya said with strong and focused youth such as Nambelela on his team, legitimate change in the country will become a reality if the party is elected into power.

“It is true that we cannot have a revolution which leaves out the youth. Thus, we intend to put the youth at the top of the push for the revolution which we want to bring about,” he said.