Uutoni unveils new NPBWCB board

The Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service Erastus Uutoni announced the new board members for the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) on Wednesday.

The new appointees, will steer the NPBWCB ship for the next three years replacing the old board members whose term of office expires on 04 November 2019.

The old board members were Ellison Hijarunguru (chairperson), Kenny Hepundjua (a medical doctor), Ronald Kurtz (a lawyer), Victoria Hamunyela (a financial and marketing expert) and Philip Mwandingi (labour consultant).

Uutoni said as per the powers vested in him under Section 4 (1) of the Boxing and Wrestling Control Act of 1980, he is allowed to appoint a five-member board to constitute the NPBWCB.

The board is responsible for the regulation, controlling and exercising general supervision over boxing and wrestling tournaments in Namibia. This body is also intrusted to guard against undesirable practices of boxing and wrestling to protect the interest of boxers, wrestlers, promoters and the public in general, he said.

The newly appointed members who will serve in the NPBWCB for the next three years as of 05 November 2019 are; Bernard Haufiku (board chairperson), Saima Nghihalwa (a lawyer), Trevor Mills (a businessman), Maria Pogisho (an administrator), Josef Shikongo (a former boxer).

Uutoni called on the new board to make sure they review the NPBWCB's old Act, which dates back to 1980.

For many years the task of reviewing the act is still dragging and currently is in the blue print format which is still at the technical level of development. Time has come that we aggressively push to complete all the consultations and take the act to cabinet for approval, Uutoni said.

The minister stated that it is very disappointing to see the boxing control board still operating under an act which talks about South West Africa when referring to Namibia.

Source: Namibia Press Agency