Valentine’s Day invoke’s mix feelings

Today is Valentine's Day, a day celebrated worldwide on February 14, to rekindle the love thing in most even in those old rusted souls and lovelorn love shy traditionalists.

But as life would have it in Namibia, not all the people may be inclined towards celebrating the day. While there are those who love it, many hate it, yet others feel uncertain about it, among the love shy. Some even say it is an old thing, while some believe that youngsters are the ones that always bristling with enthusiasm but most elders bristled for other reasons, terming the display of feelings ''cheap.'' The latter breed think it should only be a young peoples' thing while some think it's a waste of money buying expensive gifts.

Accountant Ndinomwene Kambwale, is treating the day normal, going to work and back home after, just like every day. "I don't believe in Valentine's Day anymore, unlike when I was a teenager, but when I grew up, I thought it was unnecessary because love is for every day," says Kambwale. In years gone by he used to go out with friends, spoiling them with gifts but now he only celebrate the day at home just like all days. "I think Valentine should be for every day, shower your lovely one with gifts and love, instead of waiting for February 14 only." He adds that by communicating, and learning how to forgive each other in a relationship is part of love and the only way to stay together for a long period. "Learn how to pick your partner up when they are down."

Maria Shekeni, a student at the University of Namibia, finds Valentine's Day an occasion for ''enjoyment.'' If one had something to tell another, she felt it was a good opportunity to do so, provided one remains within the bounds of decency. Lydia Nambahu, a learner, says she would be ready to accept the feelings of persons known to her if they would express them decently, however, she was opposed to accepting tokens from strangers who forced themselves on young women. Local Kwaito singer, Fishman Uulenga, he is spending the day at home with his family. He believes that every day is Valentine's Day. "For me and my wife I think it's a good day to boost love and relationships for some, but for us we work on making every day of ours a best day ever."

Fishman says previously him and his wife used to send each other love letters. "Valentine should be celebrated on an everyday basis. And if there are two things that can keep the relationship together, it is discipline and respect," he says. Tomas Markus, an entrepreneur, feels romance is necessary in life and Valentine's Day ought to be utilised to express feelings to those that are near. He however says it's a pity that people have reserved just one day in the year for expressing love. "If someone has warm feelings for a person, they can express it any time," he says.

Celma Taleni says they are spending the day at home just watching series, cooking and playing games together. She adds that she doesn't really believe in Valentine's Day because love is for every day. "So far we haven't spent the day together because we don't stay in the same town." "The most important is the love we feel for each other, we always focus on the positives things in our relationship, like how we make each other laugh and support each other," says Taleni, adding that people must communicate more, never keep secrets from each other, have a meaningful conversation in their relationship and find a physical activity they can both enjoy.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia