Venaani labels GIPF lost millions ‘greatest miscarriage of justice’

The admission by Prosecutor General (PG) Martha Prosecutor that around N.dollars 660 million from the Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) has vanished in thin air and cannot be traced is the greatest miscarriage of justice.

The fact that those who looted the pension fund will never have a day in court to account or repay taxpayers' money is a clear indication that the PG is not fit to occupy the office.

These were the sentiments aired by the leader of the official opposition, McHenry Venaani at a press conference on Thursday.

The Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) is of the view that if international security agencies could be roped in to assist the PG and GIPF in tracking down those who scorned funds under the guise of Offshore Development Company (ODC) and Development Capital Portfolio (DCP).

Imalwa declined to prosecute on 18 out of 20 dockets investigated in the N.dollar 660 million allegedly lost at GIPF.

This, the PG, said was because documentary evidence could not be retrieved and those who gave out the loans have no independent recollection of what transpired in the absence of documents and that some key people are diseased, something that does not sit well with Venaani.

Consequently, Venaani through a letter which he declined to reveal to the media citing confidentiality among other things asked President Hage Geingob, who is the appointing authority of the PG � on the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission � to relieve Imalwa off her duties citing gross incompetence.

The PDM will further organise a national march against the PG to ensure that the pressure to get rid of Imalwa and to subsequently recoup the lost millions intensifies.

The GIPF saga is a miscarriage of justice, he said.

He went to charge that if Namibians sit back and watch while the country's opulent wealth continues to be misplaced, misused and misappropriated while those who perpetuate these crimes are allowed to go scot-free; they will only have themselves to blame when the State's coffers are empty.

Up to now as we speak, nobody has been taken to task about the SME Bank. This is how the cookie crumbles. The government is deliberately playing with time [deploys delay tactics] in order to protect those that are involved, he said.

Venaani said he will engage a number of political parties, civil society, traditional and religious-based entities to buy into the national march.

At the time of publication, State House had not confirmed if the letter Venaani is to have penned to Geingob had reached the head of the state's attention.

The GIPF saga must be put to test in the High Court, Venaani added.

Imalwa on Wednesday said those who accuse of being incompetent in the position she has occupied for 16 years have sinister motives.

Source: Namibia Press Agency