Venaani takes campaign to Omaheke

GOBABIS, The DTA of Namibia on Sunday launched its campaign for the November general elections in the Omaheke Region by hosting a rally in the Epako residential area of Gobabis.

Going by the themes ‘Moving Namibia forward’ and ‘We will vote for us, for our country’, party president McHenry Venaani said the time is ripe to put the party in power in order to have many of the current developmental challenges addressed.

Venaani, who spoke in front of a low-key crowd, also used the opportunity to take a swipe at Government’s land resettlement programme, which he said has failed to address the current imbalances in the acquisition of farmland for the vast majority of Namibians.

He thus called on Government to also consider urban land in its current resettlement programme as the majority of Namibians are struggling to secure land, let alone decent housing, in urban centres.

As such, a portion of funds allocated for the resettlement programme should be diverted to urban land in order to allow Namibians to own pieces of land in towns and cities, as not all Namibians are farmers.

The DTA president added that his party also wants the resettlement programme to be divided into two parts.

“One for farmland on which farmers are resettled, and the other for urban land so that people can own land in major urban centres. It is simple; if Government takes N.dollars 50 million and buys plots in towns at an average of N.dollars 30 000 per plot, thousands of Namibians will be proud owners of their own pieces of land in urban centres,” he reasoned.

Venaani noted that many of those who have benefited from Government’s resettlement programme in its current form have failed to fully utilise the land allocated to them as they lack the know-how of farming.

“Over 70 per cent of resettlement farms have been run into the ground because people resettled there have no idea what to do with the land allocated to them. This thing of giving farms to non-farmers who have no cattle and only five goats must be stopped,” he stressed.

The DTA leader told those gathered that his party will continue to recruit tested leaders across all spectrums into the party in order to boost its standing. He said leaders who have shown exceptional skills in the fields of discipline such as teachers, nurses and other professionals would be recruited into the party.

Former Congress of Democrats’ (CoD) Member of Parliament Elma Dienda, who joined the DTA last week, also formed part of the entourage to Omaheke.

Meanwhile, Namibians will go to the polls in November for the Presidential and National Assembly elections.