Volleyball Action Returns

After a long break, the Bank Windhoek National Volleyball League continued last weekend in Windhoek.

In the Women’s League, Revival Volleyball Club (RVC) played against Khomas Nampol Volleyball Club (KNVC), in a match which they were expected to win to strengthen their log position to second or third. Unfortunately this did not happen as two of their players were injured including Nokokure Kambatuku, the young talented spiker who had severe knee problems. Although she played, she was unable to jump and the Nampol team, who were also missing their two top players, won the match 3-1.

Unam suffered double defeat at the hands of Nampol and RVC, going down 3-0 and 3-1 respectively. Even their star player, Mukuka Chishimba, who hails from Zamibia and is considered one of the best in the league, could not prevent them from being defeated.

In the Men’s League, four games were played. The host team, DTS, had a close encounter with Eleven Warriors Volleyball Club (EWVC).

DTS only had six players as many players were injured.

In a close match, each team won a set before EWVC took a close and tense third set 26-24. In the fourth set, the young DTS player, Jan Sac hurt himself, leaving him to limp for the rest of the game. This worked in the favor of EWVC, who eventually won the set 25-20, to win the match 3-1.

EWVC however had no chance against Unam as the students had a more powerful team, and they lost the match in straight sets 3-0.

In their second encounter of the day, DTS, already weakened by the injury of its players had no chance to compete against NDF and lost the match 3-0.

The last game between NDF and Unam was a thriller with both teams displaying a high level of volleyball.

Both teams had a lot of supporters who enthusiastically cheered for their favourites. The teams adopted different styles of play, with NDF mainly trying to score with the fast spikes from the middle spikers, especially from Shipiki Onesmus, who’s successful spikes drew lots of cheers from their supporters.

The most effective player for Unam was their outside spiker, Denison Pedro from Angola. Pedro is a short player, but he jumped so high that everyone admired his jumping power. His spiking was very fast and well-targeted, to the point where the NDF team had a hard time blocking him.

The first two sets were won by NDF 25-19 and 25-14. However, in the third set, the ensemble play of UNAM worked much better and after a 30 minute battle Unam won the set 29-27.

They also won the fourth set to tie the score at two sets all and push the match into a fifth decisive set.

Here both sides once again delivered top class volleyball before NDF emerged victorious 25-23 to win the match 3-2.

Source : The Namibian