Voters register out in the first week of September

As required by the Electoral Act of 2014, the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) will publish a provisional voter register for public scrutiny, correction and input in the first week of September, ECN's chief electoral officer Theo Mujoro has said.

Mujoro was responding to questions by Nampa in a recent interview that covered a host of issues regarding the electoral process, post the conclusion of the supplementary voters registration.

Right now, we are preparing the provisional voters register. This register will then be displayed for objections from 02 to 06 September 2019, Mujoro confirmed.

Preliminary information from the ECN indicates that a little over 200 000 Namibians, inside and outside the country and that the number of eligible voters stands around 1.2 million.

Right now, we are receiving data from the field so that we can consolidate this data, so that we can analyze it very carefully to be able to determine that of this figure (200 000), locally and from our foreign missions how many of these people that we have captured are new voters, how many applied for duplicate voters cards (number) of people who lost their cards and how many registered because they changed their addresses, Mujoro said.

Namibia is poised for the National Assembly and presidential elections on November 27.

When asked how much time political parties or individuals who want to contest in the elections have to register their parties or intentions with the Commission, Mujoro said there is no time limit.

However, the ECN supremo was quick to note individuals or political parties that want to partake in the upcoming elections must take cognizance of their time to campaign as well as meeting all of ECN's requirements in time.

The Act requires a wannabe political party to have at least 500 members in each region.

Those calculations entirely rest on the party or the individual. But one must make sure they have time to campaign and meet the requirements as prescribed by law, he stressed.

So far, the Landless Peoples Movement (LPM) is the only political formation to be registered with the ECN since the amendment of the Electoral Act.

For now, under the tutelage of unionist EvilastusKaaronda, a group calling itself People Organised Working for Economic Reality (POWER) has indicated its intention to register as the latest political party.

Meanwhile, Swapo's Dr. PanduleniIitula is the only individual to have come out to indicate his intentions to run as an independent presidential candidate.

Source: Namibia Press Agency