Walvis Bay Salt Holdings donates towards drought relief in Erongo

An amount of N. dollars 700 000 has so far been donated towards the drought relief in the Erongo Region.

The amount totalled to this after another donation of N.dollars 100 000 was made by the Walvis Bay Salt Holdings here on Wednesday to Office of the Governor.

Erongo Regional Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua during the donation revealed how the situation in the region has worsened since the state of emergency was declared by President Hage Geingob earlier this year.

Erongo Region is the most affected by this drought and we therefore appreciate these kinds of donations, he said.

Walvis Bay Salt Holdings Managing Director Andre Snyman commented the governor's efforts to better the challenges, despite the tough situation in the region.

We hope this donation will make a difference in the farmers' lives and their livestock.

A number of farmers, especially those in the corridors have lost a number of their livestock due to the drought.

The funds are deposited directly into the suppliers' accounts, who then provide fodder, lucerne and licks for livestock.

Navachab Gold Mine and Huab Fishing Company also donated N. dollars 500 000 and N. dollars 100 000 respectively, towards the funds earlier this year.

The company also recently donated an amount of N. dollars 50 000 to the Office of the Prime Minister, towards the drought relief programme.