Walvis floating docks also help pets

During the Christmas season, EBH Namibia reaches out to animals in need by supporting the SPCA in Walvis Bay with a donation of pet food, pet supplies, and cash.Operator of the floating docks in the Walvis Bay harbour, EBH Namibia helped the local SPCA this past holiday season to take care of the increase in pets needing food and shelter. “For many of us, the festive season means going away and enjoying a change of pace as we spend time with loved ones. Unfortunately, this is also a time where the needs of our animals are often overlooked” the company said at a ceremony where it presented the Walvis SPCA with the donation. Elgin Brown & Hamer (EBH) Namibia said it decided to step into the breach by making a substantial donation to the Walvis Bay SPCA’s Santa Paws 2013 project in the form of pet food, pet supplies and funds.