‘We are not paid overpaid’: Karuaihe-Upi

Namibia Broadcasting Cooperation (NBC) acting Director General Umbi Karuaihe Upi said, top executives at the national broadcaster are not overpaid as it has been claimed by National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) Secretary General Josef Kauandenge.

Karuaihe Upi said this on Thursday in an interview with NAMPA, when she responded to remarks made by Kauandenge's that said NBC's top executives are overpaid and their salaries should be revealed to the public.

She said the salaries of NBC's top executives are not secret as they are already in the public domain because they are paid according to the law.

One thing that you also have to take into consideration is that, most people here on average are here for 25 years and some are even here for up 30 or 40 years. Which means they have worked for so many years and if work for many years then of course your salary will increase, it is not that we are paid out of context, we are not no one here is overpaid, said Karuaihe Upi.

Kauandenge said that most of the time the executive salaries are the biggest juncture of any parastatal where most of the money goes and when they want to retrench, they only target lower ranked employees who are really not making any difference to the overall capital follow of the organisation.

So we need to know how much they are being paid and should there be retrenchment, why don't they start there where most the money goes? Because the salary of one top executive might save ten to 20 lower ranked employees, said Kauandenge.

He added that he has been reliable informed from someone inside about the salaries of top executives at the NBC and the figures are shocking, he however declined to share it with this reporter.

Source: Namibia Press Agency