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We Are One, the Largest Youth Volunteer Group, Launches in Korea

Young adults take the lead to practice Jesus’ love for a better future

NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New Heaven New Earth, Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, launched a youth volunteer group called We Are One made up of 70,000 members in South Korea and 20,000 members overseas.

Chairman Lee Man-hee speaks at the We Are One launching ceremony

The launch ceremony took place on July 30th at the K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Over 1,000 representatives attended the event in person and 90,000 volunteers joined through a live broadcast. The ceremony included live performances and a commemorative photo shoot. Covid-19 social distancing guidelines were in place, and participants were required to wear masks and have their temperatures taken before joining.

To commemorate the launch of We Are One, 70,000 youth will donate blood in 17 cities, including Seoul, Busan, Incheon, and Daegu, South Korea. The blood donation campaign will begin on August 27th and continue for three months.

“Congratulations on the launch of the Shincheonji youth volunteer group We Are One,” said Eom Jae-yong, president of the Seoul Southern Blood Center of the Korean Red Cross during a congratulatory speech. “Also, thank you for choosing to participate in the first volunteer activity as a blood donation campaign. It is expected that this will be a great help in dealing with the re-spreading of Covid-19 and the crisis situation.”

In addition to donating blood, We Are One plans to address national challenges and international crises. The group’s core focuses will include support service, creating a sustainable environment, world peace, and education.

“We discussed a lot about the problems that young people are facing today and their solutions,” said We Are One CEO Hong Jun-soo. “There are many members of the We Are One volunteer group with various talents, such as entrepreneurs, planning developers, designers, medical personnel, and social welfare experts. Together with them, we will solve the problems of the younger generation and take the lead in creating a better world.”

Shincheonji Church Chairman Lee Man-hee Lee also attended the launch ceremony. “We are born in this age and have an obligation to illuminate and develop this age,” Chairman Lee said. “If God the Creator is with us, nothing is impossible. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. People come first. Let’s all unite and make a better world.”

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