‘We know why people are angry’: PDM

Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) said they knows why Namibians are angry adding that SWAPO party has completely destroyed the country the people fought so long and hard to liberate.

PDM was responding to remarks made by President HageGeingob during town hall meeting at Elcin parish in Omuthiya where he asked why people were angry.

Why are people angry? Namibians are so angry. People are angry with the government over issues they have no knowledge about, said Geingob.

Geingob called on Namibians to engage in discussions to solve issues and seek unity as division would chaos.

In a statement release on Sunday by PDM Treasurer General NicoSmit, PDM said SWAPO made empty promises since independence including free education which now has become a disaster when they changed the school curricula amongst others.

SWAPO promised houses for everyone and instead, hundreds of thousands of Namibians now live in shanty towns on the outskirts of cities and towns with no running water, no electricity, no rubbish and sewerage removal, read the statement.

The statement further stated the lack of unemployment which skyrocketed to 50 per cent especially the youth which triggers disgruntle among the communities.

PDM also attributed the current hardship economic conditions to SWAPO-led government.

The collapse of the Namibian economy which has caused unbelievable suffering and hardship for especially the poor people of this country is man-made through incompetent and corrupt leadership and must be laid squarely at the door of the ruling SWAPO party and the blatant corruption it has fostered and encouraged ever since it came to power in 1990, read the statement.

Source: Namibia Press Agency