Wheelchair Basketball Scores Big in Oshakati

Wheel Ability Sports Club return back to the capital with a well-deserved silver medal while Oshana took top honours winning the final match against Wheel-Ability A with a comprehensive score line of 23-7.

The Oshana Regional Championships held last Saturday was a Paralympic sport event, which attracted multiple track and field events as well as wheelchair basketball.

The latter discipline saw four entrants led by hosts Oshana, Ohangwena wheelchair basketball team, Wheel-Ability A and B, with each team playing against each other in the round robin group, that saw the top two teams battle it out in the final round of qualification to the knockout stages.

The g Oshana Heroes went through without a single hoop scored against them but the final turned out to be more challenging. Wheel-Ability A found themselves behind 10-0 early in the tie but somehow managed to up their game plan, closing the gap to 10-6 before the break. It was clear from the start that the hosts did not expect this kind of resistance, showing frustration when the halftime whistle was blown. After the break, Wheel-Ability leading playmaker Mitch Dewaldt, scoring the only 2nd half point for his team, converting a free through. Final score: Oshana Heroes 23-7 Wheel-Ability A side.

“I am proud of both teams we took down to Oshakati, Wheel-Ability A put up a great fight in the final”, said coach Bjorn Magg, adding that the Oshana Heroes did not expect to face such a tough opponent and that his team will progressively improve their game and in the near future topple the Oshana team from the pedestal.

Captain Roodly Gowaseb said, “The game was tough because our opponents are a g and experienced team, we certainly have a few things to work on, like getting back into defense, otherwise the team did pretty well”

“We now need to concentrate on the future, but we still need a container to store our new multi-sport-wheelchairs donated by the International Paralympics committee expected to arrive in Namibia by end of next month”.

The Secretary General of the Wheel-Ability Club, Agnes Hausiku, reserved some praise for Oshana Heroes Sports for the great fashion in which they organised the competition that eventually turned out to be an amazing event.

Source : New Era