Windhoek Rotarians make 60

Helmut (Finko) Finkeldey, one of the oldest members of Rotary Club Windhoek, asking other Rotarians to join him in a toast on the club’s 60th anniversary. This legendary charity celebrated six decades last week at a Windhoek hotel.Rotary Club Windhoek was established 60 years ago in the same year that clubs were formed in Saigon, Vietnam and in Ndola, Zambia. Chartered on 31 March 1953 it was the first community service club established in the capital of South West Africa. Since then and over the past six decades, Rotary Club Windhoek has been instrumental in providing support to numerous organizations and institutions. This include the establishment, with the support of other Rotary Clubs around the world, of SOS Children’s Village, Herman Gemeiner School and Oponganda Community Centre.
One of eight Rotary clubs in Namibia, support to the community by Rotary Club Windhoek is not restricted to the capital city. Instead, their activities cover the broader Khomas Region. Presently there is a focus on working with young people at schools and at tertiary educational level with the object of helping prepare the leaders of tomorrow.