WMC hails fifth circuit race a success

Race Track on Saturday.

The Karting race saw 12 Karts compete in the different categories which include; max terino, junior max, senior max and masters, while circuit racing consisted of Class B, D, E and F.

The circuit event saw Gareth Fourie coming first in the Class F while Matthew Strydom came second and Keith Hammerslag finished third. Class E was won by Charlton Morkel, Jaco Nel came second and Clive Strydom finished third.

While Class D only saw two riders competing in that event and Richard Slamet Junior was crowned the winner. Michael Strydom came second in that race.

Class B saw Michel Rust as the only winner in that category.

In the different karting divisions, a number of drivers walked out with trophies after their impressive performances on the day.

In the max terino category, Jadyn van Zyl won the fifth leg of this year Karting event while Michael Fourie and Mario Neves finished second and third respectively.

Guido Bidoli; Christiaan Liebenberg Jnr and Justus Beulker were winners in the junior max category in that respective order.

In the senior max category, Gerhard Breed, Ivan Vorster and Athi Mankonkwana finished first, second and third respectively.

In the master category Jorg Goldbeck and Gareth Fourie finished first and second.

Speaking to Nampa on Monday, chairperson of the WMC, Richard Slamet said they still have one more circuit event left for the year and they are happy with the competition that has been at display thus far.

There is still a final race that will be held on 02 October which will count for the final points of the racing year. This year we saw drivers being very competitive and giving it their all while showcasing their skills at the same time, he said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency