Woman sentenced to 13 years for murdering girlfriend

Windhoek-A Katutura magistrate sentenced a woman to 13 years behind bars for the murder of her girlfriend.

Allencia Alicia Moux Games, 27, was found guilty on a count of murder for the death of her long-term girlfriend Yolani Yochen two years ago.

The accused is hereby sentenced to 15 years' imprisonment of which two years are suspended for five years on condition the accused is not convicted of the same crime during the time of suspension, ruled magistrate Alexis Diergaardt.

According to witnesses who took the stand, Games and the deceased were in a same-sex relationship in which Games was the 'boyfriend'.

They further indicated that the relationship between the deceased and the accused was filled with jealousy, which would at times lead to physical fights.

It is alleged that in the days leading up to the murder the couple were involved in multiple arguments. The deceased was allegedly moving out of town for employment and she was happy to be going far away from the accused.

This news however did not resonate well with the accused, who was deemed to be a jealous partner.

The accused person had motive to kill the deceased and they were the only two people at the gate before the deceased was seen with a bleeding chest, said the magistrate.

Witnesses testified that on the fatal day the accused went to the deceased's house in the evening, called her to the gate and they exchanged a few words. The deceased was then seen leaving the gate holding her chest, which was bleeding, consequently leading to her collapse.

The accused is alleged to have used a pocketknife as the murder weapon.

According to the post-mortem report the deceased died from a single penetrating stab wound to the left lung.

Games, who pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder without giving any plea explanation, has maintained that she had no idea how the deceased ended up with the stab wound as she did not stab her.

She said the deceased was the violent one and not the other way round.

The court is convinced that the version of the accused cannot be probable that she did not stab the deceased, said magistrate Diergaardt.

Before sentencing, the prosecution said the attack on the deceased was not justifiable, further stating that the court should send a message into society that similar offences would not go unpunished.

The accused did not show remorse as her actions were questionable after the incident. It is clear that you (accused) feel nothing, thus the court does not regard you to be a suitable candidate to be let into society, said Diergaardt.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia