Woman’s Marriage Turns Into Nightmare

WHEN Fransina Leonard met Pakistani-born Raheel Hanif Mohammad in the summer of 2012 during her vacation in Rundu, it was love at first sight. Or so she thought.

Just days into their marriage, 26-year-old Leonard realised she had rushed into the marriage with Mohammad who was 27 years old at the time and now suspects he only married her to obtain residence documents, making his stay and business operations in Namibia more convenient.

The first encounter between the two in 2012 sparked a romance that immediately led to a marriage proposal from the Pakistani immigrant and the two were married eight months later in a private ceremony in Windhoek with close family and friends. It seemed the perfect love story. Mohammad was a businessman at Rundu, trading in electronic equipment at the time, while Leonard was pursuing a career in IT at the International University of Management.

“Everything seemed perfect and I prepared to settle down and start a family with Raheel. I thought we both wanted the same thing since we were in love,” said a clearly disturbed Leonard. But right after they exchanged their vows, the young woman began to notice a change in her husband.

“He didn’t want us to live under the same roof as man and wife and suggested that I stay with my mother in Oshakati while he rented an apartment in Ongwediva with a friend from Pakistan,” she related.

“I thought this arrangement was temporary, but now it has been over a year and I have not been intimate with him, and he refuses for us to move in together,” she said.

Leonard explained that, currently, the harsh reality is sinking in that Mohammad might have only married her in order to get the national documents to allow him to freely operate his electronic business in Namibia, and suspects he might have simply used her.

She also said although Mohammad makes a fortune from his business, he does not support her financially and she has to rely on her mother to pay for her studies and basic necessities.

“I can’t help feeling depressed and hopeless. My studies are affected tremendously, I have even considered suicide before as I cannot find a way out of this dilemma,” she says.

She says Mohammad has been avoiding questions pertaining to their future while going on about his daily business between Windhoek and Ongwediva and using their marriage certificate to get himself out of trouble with the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration officials.

“I had asked him what his real intentions were for marrying me if he cannot commit to me as a husband. I need answers from him, so that I can move on with my life if he is not genuinely interested in a marriage with me,” she said.

Leonard added that she has to turn down advances of other men who show a genuine interest in her since she is considered a married woman in her community.

“Little do they know that we are married only on paper and that there is no real marriage between Raheel and I. I’m finding it difficult to practice chastity because I’m a woman and I have needs. Will he blame me if I go after other men?” she asked.

She has insisted that Mohammad should set her free to start afresh with someone else, but he refuses a divorce.

Contacted for comment, Mohammad said he had already explained to Leonard his reasons why they cannot have a normal marriage and expected her to understand.

“I’m a busy man and I have my business to run. I already explained this to her,” was all he could say.

Leonard said, should there be no improvement in their relationship, she is considering reporting him to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.

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Raheel, Job well done my man. I fully support your actions…make money to feed your parents, brothers , sisters and friends from another mother-those are important people in your life. These oshiwambo kwaitos only want a to exchange blank cheques with stress. Why did she turn away her own people? What was her intention? To open a gold mine in your house or what? Now that her mission failed she ran to media with threats to report you or cheat. Leornad, learn to understand life and also to do the right thing…the bible is a good tool to use when making decisions in life. Raheel, make money and be cool let her do whatever she wants…She is not the only woman available,after all. – Mamba | 2014-03-02 15:10:00 || Comment id: 25939

This man is clearly using you, are you going to wait for another year to see how much of an advantaged tool you are to him business wise.??… report him, get a divorce and move on… Just saying. – Melody | 2014-02-28 19:37:00 || Comment id: 25888

My Sister! forget about all those, put in a divorce an go on with ur life. Do not even be ashamed in front of us as we saw bigger things than that. Go on with ur life. – Komesho | 2014-02-28 14:00:00 || Comment id: 25855

Hi Mwiingo! Hi Ahmed! were are you from I’m from Nuli land. I divorce my wife and come to Namibia want to merry a Namibian women I heard they are handsome, are you? – o | 2014-02-28 12:00:00 || Comment id: 25828

my dear sister go to home affairs and explain your situation . its clear he only used u to get the papers, he is not the only business man in Namibia and other business man are married and are taking care of their wife. – Ottilie | 2014-02-28 11:47:00 || Comment id: 25821

lather report him to the ministry,he just play around you to get a citizenship and to my fellow women be careful with foreigners, – rosa | 2014-02-28 05:44:00 || Comment id: 25719

God is the way,the truth and the light. put all your trust in him. he will never let you down – Kecialligent | 2014-02-28 01:14:00 || Comment id: 25712

My sister life goes on. You still young study hard you will find love again. Don’t be ashame don’t Ever think of taking your own life, think about your lovely mom and family the pain you will leave Them with, if you kill yourself than you make him complete his mission. My sister be strong and pray. I personal Don’t see anything so sad there that should make you kill yourself .people get married and divorce all the time. Yours is not different from others. – Alina | 0000-00-00 00:00:00 || Comment id: 25693

@ tyson mwange,not all foreigners coming to namibia are poor or runing away from their countries.Not all foreigners are coming to namibia seeking citizenship or papers to do business.we come to namibia because we see it as a great nation with friendly people,nature and for us to see something different from our own countries.some of us are married to namibian woman genuinely and we are happily married and love our families.we are here to contribute positively to the namibian economy and creating employment.its really sickening to be painted the way you are reflecting us.we see namibia as a great destination and to invest our money.little did i knw that being a foreigner in namibia is a crime. – Dr.robert moran | 2014-02-27 17:10:00 || Comment id: 25672

My Namibian Women I love u all so much but Be alert and Dont let yourself to be used by those poor people running from their poor countries to look for greener pastures in Namibia….Learned from this!!!!!! Concerned Namibian man – Tyson Mwange | 2014-02-27 16:54:00 || Comment id: 25661

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