World Food Day celebrated at Aus

Close to 300 people gather at the Aus settlement in the ||Kharas region to celebrate the world food day on Wednesday.

This year's world food day is commemorated under the theme 'Our actions are our future. Healthy diets for zero hunger world'.

In his speech read on his behalf Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Alpheus !Naruseb urged farmers to consider a reorientation of agricultural priorities and move from an emphasis on producing only high yielding crops to meet dietary energy towards producing a diversity of nutritious food in sufficient qualities and quality.

He added this can be achieved through using smart agriculture technologies to meet the population's dietary requirements while protecting our natural ecosystems.

Further more farmers should also consider wherever possible local small-scale fishery production as a source of food, supporting the nutritional needs of local communities, he said.

Speaking at the event Special Advisor to the ||Kharas Governor, Alfred Stephanus Dax urged the community to start gardens at the settlement to fight food insecurity.

You must get your hands dirty and produce food for yourselves and family you have the necessary ingredienties which are land and water at your disposal, he said.

Dax said the community must do away with the perception that they have to buy all the food they consume while they are able to produce themselves for their own consumption.

It is unreasonable that we have to import an onion from elsewhere while we can produce it here. If you cannot do anything for yourself then you must not expect something from someone. We just need stand together we can do it, said Dax.

The !Nami#Nus Constituency Councillor, Jan Scholtz said more financial funding must be availed progressively and proper professional planning must continue as the country strive to end hunger and achieve food and nutrition security as well as promoting sustainable agriculture.

This commemoration is not organised to condemn what is working, we must provide solutions advice and a roadmap on how to deal with the different challenges or problems in our communities, Scholtz said.

Alongside the commemoration close to 80 youth and unemployed individuals received food hampers.

Source: Namibia Press Agency