Young rapper Dill-iigent dreams big

Windhoek-Ambitious, upcoming Walvis Bay-bred Rodney Shikongo, a.k.a. Dill-iigent, is set to change the music industry one song at a time.

The rapper says many upcoming artists get in the game for the money and fame, but he is strictly there for the passion he has for it.

Dill-iigent started music at the tender age of 10 and by 15 had already released a mainstream song titled 'Game'.

I chose to title the song Game because I believe the rap industry and the whole music scene will change because of my presence. There are many people who think music cannot be a career but I want to change that misconception, he says.

Namibia's hip-hop godfather Jericho's style of rapping and his lyrics have inspired him.

Because Namibia is a small country, artists should motivate upcoming ones he says.

We can't always be looking outside our country for inspiration. We must learn to love and respect our artists, and they should be willing to give [us] a helping hand so [that] we have a story to tell the next generations. It begins with us all, he says.

The talented young artist recently dropped his first EP titled Mixture 7, featuring different genres from hip-hop, RnB and afro-pop.

His main focus is rap, but he says he does not want to be limited to one genre.

I gave it that name because it has different types of sounds on it. On my EP, you will get to hear house, rap, hip-hop and much more. This is serious, he says.

He won't rush into anything because he is still young and has a long way to go in achieving his dreams. The rapper says he is more than willing to learn from those that have been in the game longer and have experience.

I still experience challenges in getting into studios and getting beats to make good music. I will not give up just yet because of the many challenges, but I look for the positives in them. The future belongs to us, so we have to do this right, he adds.

Dill-iigent is currently working on his album and music video that he hopes to drop soon.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia