Youth gives school uniforms to learners

Endowed with a giving heart, 24-year-old Elivi Shinedima has bought school uniforms including school shoes, jerseys and trousers and donated them to eight vulnerable learners from the Eldorado Secondary School.

Shinedima says she has committed herself every second month to donate something to orphans, needy or vulnerable children. She feels that it's everyone's responsibility to reach out to others in every way possible and in any way they can assist. Every organisation or independent individual should have a social responsibility toward others to make Namibia a better place, says Shinedima, adding that most children's' poor performances in education is caused by their situations, either due to no clothing, lack of affection, guidance or absence of food.

My advice to others is to never wait to get rich to start giving a hand to others because money will never be enough. We should remember that we have achieved and succeeded at other people's expense and assistance, someone somewhere had to get out of her/his comfort zone or spend her/his last penny to make things happen for us, says Shinedima.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia