Youth to fix selected pensioners’ cars for free

WINDHOEK Alois Greifeneder, one of Namibia's youngest car tuners, and an avid motoring enthusiast, is ploughing back into the community through his company Toy Boyz Tuning in a unique way.

Greifeneder intends to pimp and fix cars from members of the community, especially the elderly, free of charge as part of his company's corporate social responsibility. The car tuner says he was motivated to give back to the community because of their support over the years.

I have made a name for myself in the motoring industry because of all the customers who seek my [service] and I wanted to ensure that I too help others who need my services, he says. The purpose is just not to repair cars but to make sure that people travel in cars that are well maintained and taken care of, he adds.

As part of his company's corporate social responsibility, he aims restoring, fixing and pimping vehicles. Greifeneder says he is willing to fix cars with engine and electrical issues and also do diagnostic tests and update vehicles.

I want to help the less fortunate people and they should really come in numbers so that I can help them with any car-related issues they have. I want people with cars that haven't been operational for years and those who cannot afford to fix their cars to contact me for assistance, because I am going to help them, he says.

If anyone is interested in receiving help from Greifeneder they are requested to send a picture of their vehicle and details on the issues they have to 0814575716. Greifeneder will select a few people whose cars he will fix free of charge and contact the vehicle users with details on how he can help them.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia