Youths determined to have their voices heard

Unlike in previous years when youth felt neglected, they are very positive that their issues and matters affecting them will be heard and taken seriously, especially on the nationally agenda.

Alex Plies Shikulunde and Johannes Brave Imene, speak openly about issues affecting them and what they are hoping to be done about them this year. Resolved on finishing his honours degree this year and thereby gaining more societal respect he also wants to deepen his relationship with God. Shikulunde is happy that students have been receiving government study loans, and there are enough universities and schools in the country.

To ensure that youth issues receive national attention and space on the national agenda this year compared to previous years, Shikulunde pledges his full commitment to youth matters so that the youth become powerful and influential believing that youth forums and youth affiliations motivates the youth to have courage and willingness to express their matters through the right channels and in the right way. He thinks over the years issues effecting the youth have not been receiving the necessary space on the national agenda because the youth themselves have been focusing more on alcohol and drugs, instead of investing their time in sport activities or youth forums. "When a group of people with common issues federate, they can make their voices and complaints heard in advance by the whole nation. And that will enable their issues to receive necessary space on the national agenda," Shikulunde beleives.

To ensure that youth issues are understood by the whole nation, he says this year he is prepared to be super active every time he gets the chance he get to get his voice heard. "I will set time to write newspaper opinion letters and through social medias." He adds that some youth now have definite confidence and trust in Job Amupanda, because he has the ability to awaken them and speak for themselves.

Imene plans to study towards his Honours Degree, and also hopes for a new job too. He also plans to on the sides grow his music career and to grow faithfully with GOD and have more fun. He thinks youth matters have as yet to enjoy the deserved space on the national agenda. "I see a lot of good programmes have been introduced in favour of the youth, but it doesn't look like anything have been taken seriously," he says, adding that they impact on the youth has as yet to convince him about their impact on the youth.

Imene is this year bent on joining youth movements to find effective solutions to youth matters, saying it will be a great innovation for him. He adds that working together and uniting towards a common goal is the only way forward for the youth. "We cannot improve the space and the platform we have got if we don't hold hands together." He believes that youth matters do not receive the requisite space in the national agenda simply because the youth themselves lack focus and the time to dedicate to matters affecting them. For his voice to be heard and to have input on the national agenda regarding youth matters, Imene says he will take full advantage of the media. "I will express myself as much as I can in the form of newsletters to newspapers, radio call-ins and/or even encourage the youth to do nationwide campaigns," he says.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia