Youths give impressions on Valentine

WINDHOEK - Thursday is Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14 worldwide. Many young people have different views. Some believing in its romantic nature when people go out of their way to shower their loved ones with gifts of all kinds.

Still other believes that is just an ordinary day designed to waste money through unnecessary spending, or buying unnecessary gifts. Some youths share their views on the meaning of Valentine's Day, and what they are looking forward to or doing this Thursday.

Ester Ngwena

Ngwena says Valentine's Day is previously known as Christian Feast Day honouring one or two early saints named Valentinus, and nowadays Valentine's Day is recognised as a celebration of romantic love all over the world. I am not against celebrating Valentine's romantically but I believe that this day should not only be about romance, says Ngwena, adding that it should be a day of love to everyone either single or in a relationship, rich or poor. Instead of overspending and only pampering loved ones, youths should make a change by giving little things to the needy. I will basically play games with the orphans and vulnerable kids on this day, and go for an extra ordinary dinner. I will also give out little presents to the poor kids in my hood, ranging from foodstuffs that I will prepare at home. I will also give stationeries to these kids. I'm looking forward to this day, to make people around me happy and I am expecting special gifts from other people too.

Kapena Vetira

Vetira says Valentine's Day for her is no ordinary day, but a very special day that she mainly celebrates self-love. I take time off to give back to myself and reflect on issues that I go through in a relationship with myself or my partner, and take time to forgive and renew our love, she says. She is looking forward to receiving gifts and spending quality time with her family. She will be traveling to Otjiwarongo to spend quality time with her family.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia