Zimbabwean President says about skills utilization of citizens in home countries

Zimbabweans who have acquired skills or have been exposed to skills outside their country should consider returning home to contribute to the task of growing and modernising it, Zimbabwean President EmmersonMnangagwa has said.

He made the call in the capital on Thursday during a meeting held with a group of close to 100 Zimbabwean nationals living or working in Namibia.

Addressing the meeting, Mnangagwa called on those living in the diaspora to be good ambassadors of their country and to invest back home.

He said the rebuilding, growth and prosperity of Zimbabwe is everyone's responsibility [including] everyone at home.

He added that the relations between Namibia and Zimbabwe are growing stronger and stronger, while relations between Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states and the current leadership are positive and conducive for further growth and cooperation.

Source: Namibia Press Agency