Blossom returns with love song

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Namibia’s award-winning artist and songwriter Ruusa Munalye, popularly known as ‘Blossom’, released a new love song, titled ‘Ombili Nee, Gimme some love’.

The song was released on Blossom’s YouTube channel as a pre-listening public lounge session for her fans last week Tuesday.

Blossom told Nampa on Sunday that the newly released song was inspired by the importance of holding on to love in relationships and marriages, especially in today’s world of breakups and divorces.

“It is a love song. A remedy to all the ups and downs that we all experience in a relationship. But mainly an expression of your deepest love. It is a commitment and bridal theme song,” she said.

She further stated that sometimes just saying ‘Ombili Nee’ (I am sorry) can save your relationship and lead it into a whole new level of understanding, respect, and revitalised love for each other.

Blossom, the 2013 Namibian Best Female Artist of the year, and Artist of the Decade nominee of 2020, has been on a music break as she became a mother to her son.

She also released a song titled Lifetime a few months ago, which is also on her YouTube channel.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency