Health ministry working on water supply issue at Sibbinda Health Centre

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The Ministry of Health and Social Services has said it remains committed to ensuring the uninterrupted provision of quality healthcare services at Sibbinda Health Centre after complaints of water supply issues at the centre.

This was said in a statement issued by the health ministry in response to the ongoing regional visits conducted by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Gender Equality, Social Development and Family Affairs, including to the Sibbinda Health Centre.

The ministry informed the committee that the centre has access to two water sources – a community borehole and NamWater pipeline.

Last year, it was observed that water pressure in the pipeline is higher at night. A decision was taken to link the pipeline to a secondary tank to supply the health centre. The booster pump used to transfer water from the primary tank to the secondary tank is however broken, meaning this decision could not be implemented.

In the meantime, a hosepipe is being used to supply water to the clinic.

The ministry said it is “diligently working to address the water supply issue” and the faulty pipe will be repaired in due course.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency