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CoW Mayoral Fund pockets N.dollars 280 000 in pledges

The City of Windhoek (CoW) on Friday raised N.dollars 280 000 in pledges from various corporates, business personalities and politicians at a fundraising gala dinner held for the Windhoek Residents Mayoral Trust Fund.

The highest pledge was made by …

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Trade Fairs a gateway to international markets: Sinimbo

Trade fairs can help businesses gain global recognition and access to invaluable information about services and products that can enhance their productivity and expand their reach, Deputy Minister of Industrialisation and Trade, Verna Sinimbo, has said…

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Namibia exports stand at N.dollars 8.3 billion in July

Namibia has exported goods valued at N.dollars 8.3 billion and imported N.dollars 11.9 billion worth of goods, resulting in the country’s trade deficit of N.dollars 3.7 billion in July 2023.The Namibian Merchandise Trade Statistics Bulletin for July 20…

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Naira gains at investors, exporters window

The naira appreciated against the dollar on Friday as it exchanged at N740.38 at the Investors and Exporters window.The naira gained by 2.93 per cent compared to the N762.71 it exchanged for the dollar on Thursday.The open indicative rate closed at N77…

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