Cheetah cement’s forklift and clinker departments closed by labour ministry

Cheetah Cement’s coal production and forklift departments were on Friday afternoon shut down by the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation due to non-compliance of the labour laws on the health and safety of employees.

Labour Inspector Deputy Director in the ministry, Petrina Nghidengwa visited the Cheetah Cement factory trading as Whale Rock Cement for inspection on 17 and 18 April 2024.

On 19 April, Nghidengwa closed down the two departments, saying they were allegedly found to be a danger to safety of the employees.

She said the factory operates the coal production area in an excessive heated environment to produce clinker, while there is a no coal-cooling measure.

‘As of 19 April you are required to install an automated water sprinkling system that would cool off the coal for your clinker production,’ instructed Nghidengwa.

The labour inspector further explained that forklift C0’s hand and service brakes were all found to be not working, as well as having oil and water leaka

On forklift C2, Nghidengwa said its tyres were wornout, with both hand and service brakes also not to be working.

Forklift C5’s hand and service brakes are not working at all and the machine has no lights on the right side, she said.

‘Therefore, fix and rectify the identified problems and inform the labour inspectors to come and verify before any operation resumes at the two departments,’ she said.

The shutdown notice which was seen by Nampa on Saturday, was also pasted on the main entrance gate of the factory as well circulated and shared with the affected employees on the same Friday afternoon.

Cheetah Cement was ordered to pay remuneration of the affected employees in full until the situation was corrected.

Cheetah Cement is located approximately six-kilometres north of Otjiwarongo.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency